Life During COVID19

We are continuing to follow the guidelines set forth by our Governor and Mayor for social distancing and staying safe during this crazy time. We feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to perform in early March just before the pandemic broke. We haven’t been together as a group since then. The South side of Chicago has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Rog, Luay and Tom have seen their fair share of very sick COVID19 patients and we are all ready for this nightmare to pass. Everyone is doing their part to stay safe, support the local economy as much as possible and support our families and friends. Lots of impromptu Zoom and FaceTime calls! We’re very anxious to start practicing together again and to get back out there when it is safe to do so.

We have enjoyed following several prominent musicians on facebook and you tube who have been sharing home videos with the public and working hard to keep everyones spirits up. Rog, Luay and Tom decided to do a quick video to Bella Ciao-featured prominently in the Netflix series Money Heist. If you haven’t seen it, we highly suggest giving it a look!

We each recorded our parts on our iPhones separately and then synced the videos (as best we could!) using Final Cut Pro. Hope you enjoy our video!!

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