We are a diverse group of individuals who came together for the sole reason of playing music to make us happy and to enrich our lives. We have different backgrounds but share in common the enjoyment of listening to and playing music. Our day jobs are intense-medical, legal, business, and family life.

Music is our passion! It’s our brief departure from the stresses and concerns that demand our attention in the ‘real’ world. Our goals are to have fun and share our love of playing music with anyone who care to listen. We would love to entertain you!

Contact us: theinterlopersband@gmail.com

  • Flo Lawnicki- Bass, Vocals (2019-2021)
  • Heather Levin – Vocals
  • Tom Levin – Drums, Sound engineering
  • Luay Rifai – Lead Guitar Virtuoso
  • Pam Schultz – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • Rog Silva – Guitar, Keyboard, Lead Vocals
  • Katie Wittle – Vocals, Piano
  • Jeff Mitchell -Bass